TTA is proud to support “Chimera” of The Care Foundation.

BREED: Liliger (Father:lion Mother:liger)
NAME: Chimera
BORN: 2017-09-23

Chimera (also known as The Lili, Big Baby, & The Toddler) is what we refer to as the Unicorn of big cats…they are not supposed to exist. His mother was a Liger (½ Lion & ½ Tiger), which was believed to not be able to reproduce. His dad was a Lion, which makes Chimera 2 parts Lion & 1 part Tiger. While he looks more like a Lion, he still has faint tiger markings. With his current growth rate, we estimate him reaching a weight of over 900 pounds! He has a friend, Katrina the Tiger, with whom he runs, swims, & plays.